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In his classic book, "Beach Money", Jordan Adler, a successful network marketer and mentor has this to say:" Netwo4rk marketing is the distribution of products and services through a teamwork of independent representatives. Each representative is responsible to consume and sell a small amount of product and then recruit others to do the same. Sales volume is generated through a lot of people each buying and selling a small amount of product. Commissions are paid based on training new distributors and the consumption of products and services in the network. A company offering a product or service can eliminate the need for extensive advertising campaigns by deploying a network of individuals who get paid for sharing products and services they love with others through word of mouth. An individual seeking an income opportunity can generate an unlimited stream of commissions through repeat business and sales within his or her growing organization". The Maharana Pratap Chowk Flyover, also known as the MDI Flyover Donte Jackson Womens Jersey , is one of Gurgaon鈥檚 most used flyovers. The 1.82 km four-lane flyover connecting MDI Industrial Gate to Sector 17 of Gurgaon was completed and made operational by the NHAI in 2017, with a project cost of Rs 34 crores.

However, being a major flyover, the stretch is often frequented by heavy-duty vehicles, which cause a lot of noise pollution, thus disturbing the nearby residential areas. While the permissible sound level is restricted to 45-50 decibels DJ Moore Womens Jersey , the sound emitted from these vehicles often crosses 80 decibels, which is highly disruptive for the people residing in this area, which consists of sectors 14 and 17.

To prevent such noise pollution, PWD minister, Shri Rao Narbir Singh has directed the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) to install sound barriers in and around the MDI flyover. After a successful meeting, NHAI started the installation process on 10th July Authentic Jordan Scarlett Jersey , 2018. The sound barrier installation process costs approximately Rs 5.5 crores and is estimated to get completed by the end of August.

Bloom Companies LLC, a Gurgaon-based engineeringarchitecture firm, is hired by the NHAI as consultant for this project. Mr Saurabh Singhal, team leader and traffic transportation expert at Bloom Companies, said the sound barriers will reduce the noise levels at MP Chowk Flyover, MDI industrial area and sectors 14 and 17. The 75 dB noise level will be reduced to 25 dB Authentic Christian Miller Jersey , shutting out major noise generated from the traffic, thus bringing relief to the residents. The sound barriers are made from aluminium, galvanized steel and a special solid polycarbonate sheet, which will deflect some noise, while absorbing the rest, thus minimizing the noise pollution.

The barriers will be installed in areas which are precariously close to the flyover. With NHAI having taken up this project Authentic Will Grier Jersey , it has served as a relief to the affected residents.

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