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 Předmět příspěvku: truly discovered
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Uživatel úroveň 3

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truly discovered the beauty of nature. Nature, human beings live in nature every day. But not many people have truly discovered the beauty of nature. It is not difficult to find its beauty. Nature, nature that is inseparable from human beings every day. Its beauty is everywhere: in your heart, in your sight, in every corner of the world chasing the bird, walking into the jungle; chasing the creek, walking into the deep mountain; chasing the flying flowers, we walk nature. Let your call to awaken every rock and let your brush visit every petal Newport Cigarettes. Raising the white cotton net high, catching the colorful autumn. Turn yourself into a big tree, we walk into nature. Turn yourself into Baiyun and feel the beautiful bamboo forest in Grandpa Lan's front yard. The verdant bamboo forest is very noticeable. That's my favorite place to play when I was young. One day, I had nothing to do, and I thought of the beautiful bamboo forest. In memory, its emerald green color can shine dazzlingly under the sunlight. So, thinking about it, I walked into the bamboo forest. The bamboos in spring are delicate and tender, densely scattered in every corner, like a little guardian guarding this mountain forest. I also heard many happy voices. So I followed the voice and saw many people playing. Some tied the rope to two bamboos facing each other to make a simple swing. One person pushed lightly in the back, and the other person sitting on the bench could easily fly out of this little bamboo forest and see the blossoming white clouds in the blue sky. If you are lucky, you can meet the flying birds. Then, happy laughter rippling in this green bamboo forest spread to all the people around. Some children are playing hide and seek. A child covered his eyes with a red scarf and shouted, "Start." He immediately trembled and grabbed people everywhere. Suddenly, he hugged a thick bamboo with his hands and said excitedly: "I got it, I got it!" So he took off the red scarf. When he saw that he was only holding a bamboo, he laughed with everyone else. Others are taking family photos, leaving their happiness and warmth in this green bamboo forest Marlboro Red. The next day, my sister and I came to the bamboo forest again, and this time we found many bamboo shoots. So, I picked up the axe and dug down, and dug a big hole. We peeled the soil around the bamboo shoots, and the fresh and attractive bamboo shoots became our spoils. After an hour, we have dug 20 bamboo shoots. We ran home quickly and asked Grandma to burn it for us. Grandma said: "Okay! You burn, I will do it. Okay?" I said aloud, "Okay!" We will work together. Twenty minutes later, a plate of fragrant bamboo shoots was ready. Unable to resist the temptation of gourmet food, I picked up the chopsticks and bowl and stretched towards them. Within two minutes, I ate two bowls. After eating bamboo shoots, we went out for a walk. My sister proposed to go to the bamboo forest again. My sister said that it was very clean, and the feeling of sitting there blowing the cool bamboo wind is really wonderful! So we came here again. Accompanying my sister to find a clean place to sit down, I carefully observed these bamboos again. No matter how they change outside, they always stand there straight and strong. Suddenly, I was a little touched. I found that bamboo is actually very spiritual. It is my role model. I should learn from it, learn its perseverance, and learn its strong character! The long and unforgettable bamboo forest in my memory has been deeply imprinted in my mind Online Cigarettes. When I encounter setbacks in life, when I encounter difficulties in learning, I will think of you. Think of your perseverance, think of your strength

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Všechny časy jsou v UTC + 1 hodina [ Letní čas ]

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