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No Work Experience? No Problem! Transferable Skills on a Graduate Resume
Posted by nick_niesen on October 27th http://www.cheapreacthyperdunk.com/ , 2010

College students and new graduates often feel they have nothing to include on a resume when conducting job search and for using with job applications. College students' work experience is often seemingly unrelated to their job targets, and aside from that, the only information left to include is education. However, while this may seem like the case, it simply isn't so!

Transferable Skills

One method of approaching a college student or new graduate resume is to focus on transferable skills. These skills are applicable to different situations. The ability to communicate well nike hyperdunk clearance , for example, is a skill that is useful in any industry or position. Other transferable skills may include the ability to work well with numbers, sales skills, or an ability to solve problems by looking at the big picture. These are only a few examples.

How do you list transferable skills? There are a number of ways to include transferable skills in your resume, job application wholesale nike hyperdunk shoes , and cover letter. The following are some tips for various sections of the resume.

The Summary or Profile

Objective statements are out. Profiles are in. Open with a brief introductory paragraph describing your most "sellable" points. Briefly list transferable skills here, or present them in a keyword summary list. This is exactly as it sounds: a list of keywords. Use those that show your transferable skills.


Depending on your college major, you likely had to write papers, complete projects, or both. What were the outcomes of these? Did you conduct comprehensive research on a subject? Design an engineering plan? Were these published or put into use in the "real world"? Use as much of your educational experience to your advantage. You can also include a summary of coursework wholesale nike hyperdunk , which often demonstrates transferable skills that are used in the educational setting and in the world of business.

Employment History

Many college students have a work history unrelated to their targeted field. If this is true for you, take heart. You can include many transferable skills on your college or new graduate resume. At the most basic, you likely gained professional skills such as dependability, working with others, collaborating on projects cheap nike hyperdunk mens , communicating with clients or customers, and much more. Your work history may not be as unrelated as it first seems.

Additional Information

Any volunteer work or memberships may lead to transferable skills. Just as your employment history helps you learn transferable skills, so too does volunteer work. It also demonstrates a commitment to helping others. If you've fulfilled any roles in a professional organization, this too can show transferable (and sometimes directly related) skills.

When you take the time to thoroughly review your experience, education cheap nike hyperdunk womens , and other related activities, you will discover a number of transferable skills. Use these to your advantage! Your resume, college application, job application, or cover letter will be much stronger for it.

For you to get where you want to go cheap nike hyperdunk shoes , there are four key steps for you to take. They are not difficult, but they are vital.

Commonly known as the GROW model, the four stages are as follows:-

G stands for Goals

Being clear about where you want to get to is absolutely critical. You MUST know where you are intending to get to, by identifying your goals and being very precise about them.

Use SMART goals - this is a useful description which is great to remember.

S - is for Specific

Be really clear about what it is you want

M - is for Measurable

There must be some sort of number of other measurable description of your goal

A ? is for Actionable

You have to have some verb in the goal ? you have to DO something!

R ? is for Realistic

Make your goal achievable, but don't be frightened to make it BIG!! T ? is for Timebound

All of your great goals will fall by the wayside if you have no when about them ? the 'maybe I'll start next week method?.

Poor Goal examples:-

To grow business revenue

To have happy employees

Great Goal examples

To build bottom line profit by 20% every year for the next three years

To have a 33% split between all revenue streams within 2 years

You might also want to consider what ?Purpose? in your life there is for this goal cheap nike hyperdunk online , the more it fits what you truly want out of life, the more motivated you will be. Thus SMART(P)

R stands for Reality

Be brutally honest about where you are starting from and what has held you back in the past.

Take a half hour to understand the assets and skills you bring to the business. Get really clear on your qualities - and shortfalls!

Be realistic and honest ? a good way is to just list all the positive attributes you have, such as patience, perseverance and focus.

Dispel any ?I can'ts? right now. You can and will. Reality means just that and no untrue negative beliefs you hold about yourself.

O stands for Options

Here is where the fun starts, if you let it. Really let your imagination go ? blank sheet of paper and 10 minutes of uninterrupted time. For organisations cheap nike hyperdunk , this may take longer ? it may involve as many of your people as possible ? that's OK! You write until you can't think of any more ideas about how to make your goal come true.

After 10 minutes, or when you dry up ? take a 10 minute break ? and then think of ten more ? you can do it!! In this phase, you are not judging, it is very important that you don't think of any ?can'ts? or even thinking of any ?how's? just let the ideas flow. There are loads more idea creating things you can choose.

W stands for ?What? and ?When?

Check out the ideas from above and choose five ?quick wins? an. Cheap Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale NFL Jerseys China Wholesale Soccer Jerseys From China Wholesale Football Jerseys Wholesale Hockey Jerseys

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