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What Is Public Sector Procurement?
Posted On : Nov-02-2011 | seen (554) times | Article Word Count : 358 |

Public sector procurement is the process that government run organisations use to buy products and services they use to function on a day to day basis. This can be anything from pens and paper to PCs and uniforms. Public sector procurement is the process that government run organisations use to buy products and services they use to function on a day to day basis. This can be anything from pens and paper to PCs and uniforms.

Because it is public money that is being spent how these things are brought is subject to quite a few rules and regulations. To streamline the process and make it easier for people running government departments Jawaan Taylor Jersey , services or organisations GPCs are used. GPC stands for Government Procurement Card.

Making Public Sector Procurement Easier

The GPC card makes public sector procurement much easier because it keeps track of what has been brought, where, when and how much is paid for it automatically. This is important because it provides a clear audit trail.

Being thoroughly familiar with the rules and regulations governing public sector procurement makes things far easier. It means that there are no nasty surprises later when you are audited. If you have understood and followed the rules you will have no problems.

Choosing Your Public Sector Procurement Supplier

The key to successful public sector procurement is to streamline the process as much as possible. The fewer suppliers you are using the easier it is to keep track of everything Josh Allen Jersey , which is important when you have to provide a traceable audit trail for everything you buy. So as a simple rule of thumb the more products your supplier stocks and allows you to buy from them the better it is for you.

Buying from a supplier who is local to you can be very helpful. If you run an organisation has offices located across the country using a supplier that also has branches located across the country makes things a whole lot easier for you. Each local office can pick up their own supplies directly from their local branch.

Public sector procurement is a lot easier if you can do it online rather than having to visit a physical location or order through catalogues. Also, if you choose the right supplier you can get automatic discounts for your public sector procurement.
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